Promalin® Plant Growth Regulator

PGRs and Protectants

Promalin® Plant Growth Regulator Solution improves the shape and increases the size of Red Delicious and other popular apple cultivars. By enhancing fruit size and weight through increased cell division, Promalin has become a standard in orchard operations to help maximize fruit quality, yield, packout and overall value.

Product Benefits

  • Increases Fruit Size at Harvest, Improving Packout and Yield
  • Maximizes Fruit Quality
  • Aids in Frost Recovery
  • Can Be Used with All Types of Apples

Key Problems/Uses

Branching, Maximizes Fruit Typiness, Quality, Size, Packout, Frost Recovery

Product Details


  • Apple
  • Non-Bearing Sweet Cherry
  • Non-Bearing Pear

* Each crop and use may not be registered in every state. Always read and follow label instructions.

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