Our Companies & Sumitomo Chemical

Our Companies & Sumitomo Chemical

Valent U.S.A.

Products that work, from people who care.

Headquartered in San Ramon, California, Valent U.S.A. LLC develops and markets products in the United States, Canada and Mexico that advance sustainable agriculture, protect crops, enhance crop yields, improve food quality, beautify the environment and safeguard public health. Valent U.S.A. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Company Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan, a world leader in petrochemicals, energy and functional materials, IT-related chemicals and materials, health and crop science products, and pharmaceuticals. Our purpose is to advance safe and abundant food, fiber and fuel through sustainable practices and innovative solutions that benefit agriculture, the environment and society.

The Valent U.S.A. Story

We cultivate and leverage a diverse and inclusive team to serve the North American agriculture industry, guided by science and integrity and in harmony with our customers, alliance partners and communities.

Our Story & Purpose

Our Parent Company

Sumitomo Chemical Company (SCC) has demonstrated a long-standing commitment to sustainability. With over 100 years of innovation, performance and purpose, SCC’s multi-billion dollar Research and Development network and global workforce supports a broad range of business sectors. This diversification gives us incomparable access to science, technologies and unique expertise.

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The Valent Group of Companies 

Valent U.S.A. serves the North American agricultural markets by integrating biorational, botanical and traditional chemistry innovation and scientific advances from Sumitomo Chemical and the Valent group of companies. While each of the Valent company has a unique expertise, we have a unified, shared focus that puts growers’ best interests at the center of everything we do – this includes:

  • Putting safety first
  • Diversifying our expertise and products for comprehensive support
  • Contributing to society through our business activities
  • Creating new value through performance and innovation
  • Fostering a vibrant corporate culture and operating as a company that society can trust

Valent BioSciences

Headquartered in Libertyville, Ill., Valent BioSciences is the worldwide leader in the development, manufacturing, and commercialization of biorational products with sales in 95 countries around the world.

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Pace International

testBased in Wapato, WA., Pace International LLC is the leading global provider of sustainable postharvest solutions and technologies, equipment and technical services to maximize efficiencies in packing operations and increase the freshness and value of harvested crops.

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Mycorrhizal Applications

Headquartered in Grants Pass, OR., Mycorrhizal Applications grows mycorrhizal seeds, or “spores,” used to improve soil heath and increase nutrient and water uptake and efficiency. The company’s leading brand, MycoApply®, is sold in powder, granular, and liquid form.

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Valent North America

Valent North America brings together the Finance, Legal, Environmental, Health & Safety, Information Technology and Human Resources functions to drive strong governance and enhanced service delivery practices more broadly across the Valent group of companies.

McLaughlin Gormley King (MGK)

Headquartered in Minneapolis, MN, MGK is a world leader in the development and distribution of botanical insecticides as well as a wide range of conventional chemistries. The company’s products serve consumer home and pet products, professional pest control, animal health, and crop protection.

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