Valent aims to advance agriculture Innovation

Through continual, cutting-edge innovations, we are able to bring new solutions, products and practices to growers. Valent aims to advance agricultural productivity and to create a more sustainable world.

Valent is uniquely positioned in our industry, offering biorational, botanical and traditional chemistry, scientific advances, value-added services and expertise. Matt Plitt, President & Chief Executive Officer

Field Discovery

Collaborating with our research partners at Sumitomo Chemical and other Valent Group Companies, we run new chemical, biological and biorational materials through rigorous growth chamber, greenhouse and field testing to determine their fit for North American markets.

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Innovation Research

Valent is extremely dedicated to the future of agriculture – and that starts by being thought-leaders in the space. Through strategic partnerships with the greatest minds of the industry and top institutions, we're bringing you cutting edge solutions for every season.

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Product Pipeline & Development

What's coming next? With our thorough innovation process, we consider growers’ needs and work to deliver the most innovative and farmer-focused solutions across both row and specialty crops.

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