Sustainable Solutions Criteria

Sustainable Solutions Criteria

Valent sustainable solution products must meet strict science-based criteria that results in improved performance for growers in the three standard pillars of sustainability — social (people), environmental (planet), economic (productivity).

Valent's Sustainable Solutions Criteria Icons And How They Help You

To visually represent our sustainable solutions criteria, we have developed eight easily distinguishable icons that highlight key sustainable practices and attributes of our products. These icons provide a quick reference to our products’ fit in your sustainable agronomic system and represent the areas of focus that Valent works toward everyday to continue providing sustainable solutions into the future.

Sustainability Criteria

The Science of Defining Sustainability Criteria

To be considered a Valent Sustainable Solution, products are evaluated utilizing data from multiple trusted sources that are backed by science. For each icon, a ranking scale has been developed that allows for an unbiased assessment of the product. Products that meet a minimum threshold rank are assigned an icon. Products that earn an icon in all three sustainable pillars are considered a Valent Sustainable Solution.





Data Source

U.S. EPA Label

 U.S. Field Research Trials

Safety Data Sheet

White Papers 

3rd Party Data


Worker Efficiency

Reduces Food Waste



Environmental Fit

Conservation Tillage

Soil Health



IPM Friendly


Improves Crop Production Efficiency

Enhances Quality 



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