At the center of sustainability is you.

Products that work, from people who care.

The grower that cares for their land, family, community, and legacy every single day. And, just like you we are committed to the communities we live and work in. We put put growers, and their communities, at the center of all we do by delivering innovative products that support growers in running successful operations and remaining committed to our core values

At Valent “people first” is a core value. Our motto is to deliver “Products That Work, From People Who Care.” The same people-first approach that fuels your operation day-to-day.

We put people first by delivering innovative products that are safe for your farm with application instructions that are clear and concise. That means a safe, healthy food supply for consumers, and your ability to meet their demands for sustainably produced food.

Valent employees are committed to sharing their passion for sustainability in the communities in which we live and work. This commitment includes both financial support and volunteer service in support of a wide range of community-based organizations, including environment, education, and health & human services.

Throughout the entire organization, Valent is committed to put ability in sustainability. We do this by meeting consumer demands with sustainable growing practices and promoting farm worker safety practices.

There’s a lot of talking, but what’s really working? -Matt Guier

Sustainable Products

There is a lot of talk about sustainability but there is little agreement on how to define it. That’s why we’re breaking new ground. We’re here to partner with growers to bring real ideas, real products, real next steps to grow sustainable, not ‘go’ sustainable. We are here to join the science-based, modern grower on their journey to sustainability.

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Customer Commitment

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. From our retailers and distributors to growers, we work to understand your needs, help visualize your future and fuel your growth.

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Charitable Donations & Service

Valent and our employees are committed to serving the communities in which we live and work through both financial support and volunteer service. We strive to support the welfare of those engaged in our product life cycle, farm operators and workers, consumers and their associated communities and foster an inclusive workplace where our employees can contribute to their own well-being and society.

Supporting Education

Through our long-standing partnerships with organizations such as FFA and AFA, we're providing teachers with resources and materials to promote agricultural education and inspire the next-generation of agricultural leaders.