Our focus is on bringing proven expertise, service and tools to assist growers in meeting the rising demands of the food channel while ultimately achieving a more sustainable, viable and profitable operation.

Giving Back To Our Earth, Your Land

It’s all about taking care of your land so your land can take care of you, your operation, and everyone who depends on the crops you produce. 

In addition to providing innovative products that advance sustainable agriculture, we strive to implement creative processes into our operations that protect the environment and benefit society at large, including waste reduction, energy efficiency, and green design.


Valent Sustainable Solutions has a global endorsement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) so that we can help growers produce safe and abundant food. There are many factors that impact the planet and aligning with the SDGs allows us to focus efforts on priority areas that impact you and your operation.

Environment Health

We seek to conserve or enhance the quality of environmental resources, including environmental health, soil health, water and nutrient efficiency. Indicators of environmental health include protection of pollinators and other wildlife; preservation of wetlands and other aquatic and natural areas adjacent to agriculture; and increased carbon sequestration through no-till, crop rotation, cover cropping and promotion of mycorrhizal fungi and other soil microbes.

Sustainability Criteria Icons

We offer a variety products that protect the long-term viability of your earth – from improved soil health to efficient water management – all without negative environmental impacts.

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