Tools and resources to support your journey. Ag Education Center

Tools and resources to support your journey.

From tutorial videos to online training webinars, we have a variety of resources available to help you succeed season after season. Take a look below to find your crop or a commonly used product, along with corresponding educational materials.


  • Excalia™ Fungicide Peanuts Ebook

    Check out this ebook to learn how NEW Excalia™ Fungicide can help control key peanut diseases.

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  • Excalia™ Fungicide Apples Ebook

    View this eBook to learn how NEW Excalia controls apple scab and powdery mildew in apples.

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  • Senstar™ Insecticide Ebook

    Learn how Senstar can help control soft-bodied insects on citrus, vegetables and pome fruit.

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  • Perpetuo™ Herbicide for Soybeans Ebook

    View this eBook to learn more about NEW Perpetuo™ Herbicide as a solid solution to your postemergence and residual weed control program.

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  • ReTain® PGR for California Almonds Training Ebook

    Take a look at the data and science behind ReTain PGR for California to extend almond bloom and boost nut set.

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  • ReTain® PGR for Apple Harvest Management Training Ebook

    Learn how the benefits of ReTain® to run harvest on your schedule and improve fruit quality.

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  • Articles

  • Chateau® Herbicide for Almonds & Grapes Article

    The benefits of Chateau Herbicide SW for new or non-bearing orchards and vineyards. And because it doesn't photodegrade when applied, it doesn't leach or co-distillate, even without rainfall.

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  • DiPel® for Control Over Worm Pests Article

    Get a better understanding of how insects, especially worms, develop resistance to certain chemistries, and learn how DiPel Biological Insecticide helps to break the resistance cycle.

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  • Elumin® to Enhance Downy Mildew Programs Article

    For cucurbit growers, learn about the benefits of Elumin and how it can help enhance your rotational programs for downy mildew.

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  • Leap® for Bacterial Spot and Worm Protection Article

    For tomato and pepper growers, learn about the product benefits of Leap, an alternative to copper sprays, and how it provides two-way protection.

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  • Podcasts

  • The Importance of a Strong Start

    Will Griffin and Kenny Seebold discuss seed treatment's proven return on investment and starting the crop season off strong.

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  • Protecting Peanut Yield from Weeds

    John Altom and John Pawlak discuss how Valor Herbicide and Excalia Fungicide work together to provide season-long protection against weed pressure and disease in peanuts.

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  • Soybean Herbicide Considerations

    Joe Short, Herbicide Strategy Team Manager, and Devonne Marshall, Regional Account Manager, discuss potential herbicide shortages and meeting grower needs for pre and post control in soybeans.

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  • Sustainability in Agriculture: Special Double Episode

    Join Mike Riffle and Leslie Garcia as they discuss how crop solutions can work in tandem with proven production practices to meet sustainability goals.

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  • Managing White Mold

    Join Hunt Sanders and John Altom to discuss how peanut growers can seek preventative product options for diseases like white mold.

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  • Rhizoctonia in Sugar Beets

    Jill Calabro and Trevor Dale discuss new resources and tools for managing Rhizoctonia Root and Crown Rot for growers often impacted by these yield losses.

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  • Farming with Biologicals

    Farmers know managing stress on their crops is key to reaching yield potential, and biologicals can make a difference. Listen along with Renee Harkins and BeckyJo Smith to learn more.

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  • Video

  • Zeal® Miticide for Mite Defense Video

    For grape and almond growers, gain a better understanding of mites and the impact they can have on your crop. Then, see how Zeal Miticide attacks mites and protects your fields.

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  • PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 1.4II/5.0II Video

    Learn how PyGanic works. Browse important data and use broad use recommendations in geographies across the United States.

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