Resource® Herbicide

Weed Control

As the number of tough-to-control weeds increases, demand for an effective tank mix partner with glyphosate also increases. Valent offers a powerful and effective tool in Resource® Herbicide. Resource is a cost-effective solution for farmers with problem weeds such as velvetleaf, morningglory, common ragweed, pigweeds, smartweeds and lambsquarters.

Product Benefits

  • Postemergence Herbicide Partner
  • Kills Problem Weeds that Glyphosate Alone Misses
  • Adds Speed to Glyphosate

Key Problems/Uses

Common ragweed, Pigweeds, Smartweeds, Lambsquarters, Morningglory, Velvetleaf

Product Details


  • Field Corn
  • Roundup Ready Corn
  • Cotton
  • Soybean
  • Roundup Ready Soybean


  • Palmer Amaranth
  • Common Cocklebur
  • Cotton
  • LibertyLink Cotton
  • Volunteer Cotton
  • Jimsonweed
  • Common Lambsquarters
  • Morningglory
  • Entireleaf Morningglory
  • Ivyleaf Morningglory
  • Pitted Morningglory
  • Tall Morningglory
  • NA
  • Prostrate Pigweed
  • Redroot Pigweed
  • Smooth Pigweed
  • Common Ragweed
  • Roundup Ready Cotton
  • Prickly Sida
  • Spotted Spurge
  • Velvetleaf
  • Weed

* Each crop and use may not be registered in every state. Always read and follow label instructions.

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