Phoenix® Herbicide


Phoenix® Herbicide

Broad Spectrum Weed Control for Soybeans with No Carryover Concerns


Phoenix® Herbicide kills problematic weeds such as pigweeds, common and giant ragweed, waterhemp and many more—fast with no carryover concerns and acceptable crop tolerance.

  • Broad Spectrum Postemergence Weed Control
  • No Carryover Concerns
  • Performance with Acceptable Crop Tolerance


  • Palmer Amaranth
  • Spiny Amaranth
  • Spurred Anoda
  • Balloonvine
  • Beggartick
  • Florida Beggarweed
  • Buffalobur
  • Burcucumber
  • Carpetweed
  • Cocklebur
  • Common Cocklebur
  • Copperleaf (Preemergence)
  • Hophornbeam Copperleaf
  • Virginia Copperleaf
  • Showy Crotalaria
  • Tropic Croton
  • Woolly Croton
  • Cypress Vine
  • Devilsclaw
  • Eclipta
  • Hairy Galinsoga
  • Cutleaf Ground Cherry
  • Lanceleaf Ground Cherry
  • Jimsonweed
  • Jimsonweed (Preemergence)
  • Kochia
  • Lambsquarters
  • Common (Preemergence) Lambsquarters
  • Venice Mallow
  • Smell Melon
  • Mexicanweed
  • Climbing Milkweed
  • Common Milkweed
  • White Mold
  • Purple Moonflower
  • Annual Morningglory
  • Entireleaf Morningglory
  • Ivyleaf Morningglory
  • Palmleaf Morningglory
  • Pitted Morningglory
  • Smallflower Morningglory
  • Tall Morningglory
  • Wild Mustard
  • Black Nightshade
  • Black (Preemergence) Nightshade
  • Eastern Black Nightshade
  • Hairy Nightshade
  • Yellow Nutsedge
  • Pigweed
  • Prostrate Pigweed
  • Redroot Pigweed
  • Redroot (Preemergence) Pigweed
  • Smooth Pigweed
  • Smooth (Preemergence) Pigweed
  • Wild Poinsettia
  • Poorjoe
  • Wild Sweet Potato
  • Puncturevine
  • Common Purslane
  • Florida Pusley
  • Common Ragweed
  • Common (Preemergence) Ragweed
  • Giant Ragweed
  • Redvine
  • Lanceleaf Sage
  • Coffee Senna
  • Hemp Sesbania
  • Sicklepod
  • Prickly Sida
  • Prickly (Preemergence) Sida
  • Smartweed
  • Pennsylvania Smartweed
  • Swamp Smartweed
  • Prostrate Spurge
  • Spotted Spurge
  • Toothed Spurge
  • Bristly Starbur
  • Sunflower
  • Wild Sunflower
  • Canada Thistle
  • Trumpet Creeper
  • Velvetleaf
  • Waterhemp
  • Common Waterhemp
  • Tall Waterhemp
  • Tall (Preemergence) Waterhemp
  • Witchweed
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* Each crop and use may not be registered in every state. Always read and follow label instructions.

Key Crops*

  • Soybean
  • Roundup Ready Soybean
  • STS Soybean

* Not all crops are registered in every state.


Sustainable Solutions Criteria – Phoenix® Herbicide

Valent U.S.A. has developed a classification system that defines and identifies sustainable practices and attributes applicable to our ag product portfolio across three pillars of sustainability – People, Planet, and Productivity. This system, called Sustainable Solutions Criteria, uses specific icons that highlight these key sustainable practices and attributes for our products. Products that achieve a high sustainable criterion ranking across all three sustainable pillars are also denoted by the Sustainable Solutions Icon. Click on the icons below to learn how Phoenix® Herbicide can support sustainable practices in your operations.


Worker Efficiency

  • Protection of workers (including mixers, loaders and applicators) during product application
  • Protection of agricultural workers re-entering the site
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Improves Crop Production Efficiency

Increased yield, yield protection, and/or improved plant health, water and nutrient use that enhance efficiency of crop production.

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IPM Friendly

  • Reduces risk from pests within a science-based decision-making process  that minimizes overall economic, health and environmental risks*
  • New mode of pest control action, and/ or proactive management of pest resistance, including fit within integrated resistance management programs
  • Exotic invasive pest control
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Conservation Tillage

  • Product can be used in conjunction  with no-till or minimum till agriculture practices
  • Product does not limit the ability  for crop rotation or cover crops
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Always read and follow label instructions.
Phoenix is a registered trademark of Valent U.S.A. LLC.