K-Salt® Fruit Fix® 800 Plant Growth Regulator


K-Salt® Fruit Fix® 800 Plant Growth Regulator

Control Pre-Harvest Fruit Drop with K-Salt® Fruit Fix® 800

K-Salt® Fruit Fix® 800 Plant Growth Regulator is used for controlling pre-harvest drop of apples and pears and is an auxin hormone-type product powered by potassium salt of naphthaleneacetic acid. Apply by air or ground equipment.

  • Harvest Management
  • Avoid Yield Loss from Premature Fruit Drop


  • Pre-Harvest Drop Control
* Each crop and use may not be registered in every state. Always read and follow label instructions.

Key Crops*

  • Apples
  • Pears

* Not all crops are registered in every state.


Supplemental Label


Section 24c

Technical Bulletin

2EE Label

Organic Certificate

Sustainable Solutions Criteria – K-Salt® Fruit Fix® 800 Plant Growth Regulator

Valent U.S.A. has developed a classification system that defines and identifies sustainable solutions across our ag product portfolio. This system, called our Sustainable Solutions Criteria, uses specific icons that highlight key sustainable practices and attributes of products. Click on the icons below to learn how K-Salt® Fruit Fix® 800 Plant Growth Regulator can support sustainable practices in your operations.


Environmental Fit

  • Protective of pollinators and other wildlife
  • Protective of wetlands and other aquatic and natural areas  adjacent to agriculture
  • Comparatively rapid dissipation in the environment
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Reduced Food Loss

  • Contribution to directly minimizing food waste, in the field or post-harvest
  • Food waste reduced by impact on harvest efficiency, and/or preservation of crop nutrients and quality as measured by grade, packout or other industry-relevant metric
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Improved Crop Efficiency

  • Increased yield, yield protection, and/or improved plant health, water and nutrient use that enhance efficiency of crop production.
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Enhanced Quality

  • Enhanced quality of crop commodity that improves overall profitability
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Sustainable Solutions

Valent Sustainable Solutions support the adoption and integration of sustainable practices for crop protection, productivity and yield enhancement products and technologies.

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Always read and follow label instructions.
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