PoMaxa® Plant Growth Regulator


PoMaxa® Plant Growth Regulator

Maximize Fruit Size and Quality


Have a winning season with PoMaxa® Plant Growth Regulator, a potent auxin-based formulation that's versatile, convenient and a proven pome fruit PGR. PoMaxa works well alongside MaxCel® Plant Growth Regulator for thinning and sizing, and with ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator for drop control to maximize harvest management potential.

  • Versatile - Use Alone or as Part of a Program with MaxCel® PGR or Carbaryl to Maximize Thinning and Fruit Size
  • Convenient - One Formulation for Multiple Uses and Benefits: Thinning, Sizing, Return Bloom and Fruit Drop Control


  • Fruit Thinning
  • Increases Fruit Size
  • Return Bloom Enhancement
  • Fruit Drop Control
* Each crop and use may not be registered in every state. Always read and follow label instructions.

Key Crops*

  • Apple
  • Baldwin Apple
  • Braeburn Apple
  • Cameo Apple
  • Cortland Apple
  • Delicious Apple
  • Early McIntosh Apple
  • Empire Apple
  • Fuji Apple
  • Gala Apple
  • Ginger Gold Apple
  • Golden Delicious Apple
  • Golden Supreme Apple
  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Honeycrisp Apple
  • Idared Apple
  • Jerseymac Apple
  • Jonagold Apple
  • Jonamac Apple
  • Jonathan Apple
  • Lodi Apple
  • Macoun Apple
  • McIntosh Apple
  • Mutsu Apple
  • Northern Spy Apple
  • Olenburg Apple
  • Paulared Apple
  • Pink Lady Apple
  • Red Astrachan Apple
  • Red Delicious Apple
  • Rhode Island Greening Apple
  • Rome Apple
  • Rome Beauty Apple
  • Spartan Apple
  • Stayman Apple
  • Williams Early Red Apple
  • Yellow Newton Apple
  • Yellow Transparent Apple
  • York Apple
  • York Imperial Apple
  • Pear
  • Bartlett Pear
  • Bosc Pear
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* Not all crops are registered in every state.

Sustainable Solutions Criteria – PoMaxa® Plant Growth Regulator

Valent U.S.A. has developed a classification system that defines and identifies sustainable solutions across our ag product portfolio. This system, called our Sustainable Solutions Criteria, uses specific icons that highlight key sustainable practices and attributes of products. Click on the icons below to learn how PoMaxa® Plant Growth Regulator can support sustainable practices in your operations.


Environmental Fit

  • Protective of pollinators and other wildlife
  • Protective of wetlands and other aquatic and natural areas  adjacent to agriculture
  • Comparatively rapid dissipation in the environment
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Reduces Food Waste

  • Contribution to directly minimizing food waste, in the field or post-harvest
  • Food waste reduced by impact on harvest efficiency, and/or preservation of crop nutrients and quality as measured by grade, packout or other industry-relevant metric
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Improves Crop Production Efficiency

  • Increased yield, yield protection, and/or improved plant health, water  and nutrient use that enhance efficiency of crop production.
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Enhances Quality

  • Enhanced quality of crop commodity that improves overall profitability
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Sustainable Solutions

Valent Sustainable Solutions support the adoption and integration of sustainable practices for crop protection, productivity and yield enhancement products and technologies.

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Fruit Bites: The Importance of Apple Thinning

Valent U.S.A. Senior Field Market Development Specialist Allison Walston discusses the importance of apple thinning.

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Valent U.S.A. Senior Field Market Development Specialist Allison Walston recommends tips for thinning apple trees at 8-12 mm.

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Always read and follow label instructions.
PoMaxa is a registered trademark of Valent BioSciences LLC.