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Pioneering the Industry
We've developed an array of unique technologies that stand up to rigorous performance, quality, consistency and dependability standards. We also have access to the Valent Group Companies’ world-class intellectual property platform that holds hundreds of issued patents. And, thanks to our close ties to our parent company Sumitomo Chemical, we have access to markets and research partners across the globe.

Product Development
We are part of a dynamic network of research and development facilities throughout the world capable of testing year-round to ensure that we will deliver the most effective products on the market in the shortest time possible.

At our two research farms in Illinois and Mississippi, our teams can replicate virtually any U.S. cropping system in:


  • ·      growth chambers
  • ·      greenhouses
  • ·      or field experimentations.
Field Discovery 
Collaborating with our research partners at Sumitomo Chemical and other Valent Group Companies, we run new chemical, biological and biorational materials through rigorous growth chamber, greenhouse and field testing to determine their fit for North American markets.
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