Supporting Productivity


Our goal is to sustain the economic viability and efficiency of agricultural operations, increasing business resiliency, productivity and efficiency through improved yield/quality and reduced production cost.

We also seek to reduce food waste through improved harvest efficiency and/or preservation of crop nutrients and quality; as well as other innovations.

Deliver Integrated Pest Management (IPM) solutions within a science-based process to minimize economic, health and environmental risks.

Sustain your operation, year after year.

There is no sustainably grown food without an operation that is able to sustain itself profitably.

We understand yield and quality are critical to your bottom line. As global food production increases to meet population growth, we know that you will need to produce more food with fewer resources, on the same amount of land.

Our plant growth regulators can help you extend your harvest period and protect your crops in storage to increase your yield.


Explore the latest in soil health, protecting pollinators, labor management and other innovative practices.

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Grower Insights

Many growers we partner with have implemented successful next step practices. Get inspired to take the next step as you hear from growers just like you.

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Sustainable Products

Valent is here to meet you on your journey to sustainability. No matter where you are in the process, we have countless solutions that allow you to do what's best for your land, workers, customers and the environment. 

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