AgPack Program

Available exclusively at Certified Agriculture Dealerships, AgPack is a powerful package of farm and ranch discounts and rebates available with the purchase of a qualifying new or pre-owned truck or SUV.

Valent U.S.A. is proud to bring Perpetuo® Herbicide, Excalia® Fungicide, and Senstar® Insecticide to growers through collaboration with Certified Ag Dealerships.

Qualifications, Brands & Incentives

  • To qualify for a brand rebate, growers must:
    • Purchase a qualified vehicle through the Certified Agriculture Dealer program and register on the AgPack customer database
    • Purchase 50 to 500 acres of qualified products from a Valent retailer during the program period
    • Sign up and submit the following information within 365 days of vehicle purchase date on
      • Grower Name
      • Farm/Operation Name
      • Address
      • Phone, Email
      • Purchase Retail Location Name
      • Number of Gallons Purchased of Qualifying Brands
      • Name Check should be made out to
      • Copy of Invoice showing proof of purchase

Reward Calculations & Payments

  • Rebate calculations will be based on proof of purchase documentation of the eligible products
  • Each product will earn $2 per acre up to a maximum of 500 qualified acres
  • Acres calculations will be based on the following rate per acre for each respective product:
    • Excalia = 3 fluid ounces per acre
    • Perpetuo = 6 fluid ounces per acre
    • Senstar = 15 fluid ounces per acre
  • Rewards will be paid within 90 days of proof of purchase submission.


  • All states where AgPack Offer is available and Valent products are registered

Additional Terms & Conditions

  • The AgPack offer is valid to the purchaser of a qualified vehicle through a Certified Agriculture Dealer and is not transferable for 365 days from the date of vehicle purchase and will expire on the 366th day after said vehicle purchase
Visit for additional details on the AgPack program.

  • All purchases of qualified Valent products must be made after the participant has been provided the AgPack offer and prior to the offer expiration
  • Valent U.S.A. will verify participants information against the information received from Certified Agriculture Dealership
  • This offer may not be used in combination with any other Valent U.S.A. grower program.
  • Reward calculations will be done at the sole discretion of Valent.
  • This offer may not be used in combination with any other Valent U.S.A. grower program.
AgPack Program

Submission Deadline

September 30, 2024

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Apply Now

2023 AgPack Program