DiPel® PRO DF Biological Insecticide

  • Effective, broad spectrum control of worm pests
  • Fast acting
  • DiPel PRO DF is OMRI-listed for organic production

DiPel is the leading biological insecticide on the market today.

Registered for use on a variety of ornamentals, DiPel PRO DF delivers outstanding control of more than 30 species of insects, including tent caterpillar and various bagworms, looper, tobacco budworms and armyworms. Its dry flowable formulation is dust free and easy to measure and mix. DiPel PRO DF is biodegradable and has minimal effect on humans, non-target animals or the environment.

DiPel DF is listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic production. For more information OMRI-listed, visit www.omri.org.

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Download Label/SDS
Download Label/SDS for DiPel PRO DF Biological Insecticide.

- Key use/pests


Product Used On

  • ornamentals
  • landscape


  • looper's
  • budworms
  • bag
  • armyworms
  • tent caterpillars
  • azalea caterpillar
  • bag
  • blackhead budworm
  • California oak
  • diamondback moth
  • Douglas fir tussock moth
  • ell moth
  • elm spanworm
  • fall webworm
  • fruiterer leafrollers
  • greeneries maple worm
  • gypsy moth
  • hemlock looper
  • jack pine budworm
  • lo moth
  • looper
  • mimosa webworm
  • oleander moth
  • omnivorous leafrollers
  • omnivorous looper
  • pine butterfly
  • reduced caterpillar
  • saddle prominent caterpillar
  • saddleback caterpillar
  • salters caterpillar
  • sod webworm
  • spring & fall cankerworm
  • spruce budroom
  • tent caterpillar
  • tobacco budworm
  • western tussock moth

  • Label/SDS

    Download Label/SDS for DiPel PRO DF Biological Insecticide.

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