Whether you need fast contact or systemic control, Valent Professional Products has the best solutions for effective aquatic plant management. Studies have shown that our products manage tough weeds such as hydrilla, watermilfoil, cabomba, watermeal and more. Plus, our solutions provide the selectivity you count on to help maintain desirable vegetation.

With the newest chemistry classes to broaden the spectrum of weed control, our products also offer the latest tools for resistance management.


Clipper® Herbicide

Clipper is the latest contact chemistry for rapid control of common, invasive and exotic aquatic plants with improved resistance management

Tradewind® Herbicide
Tradewind is the newest systemic class of chemistry for selective removal of hydrilla and other aquatic plants such as watermilfoil

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Spotlight on:

  • The newest systemic chemistry for aquatic plant control for selective removal of hydrilla, Eurasian watermilfoil and other undesirable aquatic plants
  • Minimal impact on many desirable aquatic plants
  • Long-lasting residual activity for both submersed and floating aquatic plants

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