A Leader in the Field

As a part of a strong, global research and development network, Valent is focused on advancing traditional, biological and organic products. Because you, your fields and your crops deserve the best possible solutions for the most effective outcomes.

Bringing New Products to Market
To be successful in a fast-paced, changing industry, we must constantly evaluate our technologies and improve our solutions. To do this successfully, we've established guidelines to help us navigate product pipeline development smoothly. This approach includes a process that:

  1. Improves consistency, rigor and focus for data summation and strategy development
  2. Improves communication for better decision making
  3. Enhances structure and focus for more efficient internal dialogue
  4. Provides more efficient project information archival and retrieval
  5. Increases speed of which Valent employees partner in the development process

The Valent Technical Center

Our team of scientists and research specialists at the Valent Technical Center manage and conduct hundreds of environmental and human safety studies required by the U.S. EPA for product registration, while our formulation chemists develop new and innovative systems to ensure our products are not only safe but easy to use in commercial operations. These components are basic and essential requirements for the development of new products, as well as for regulatory re-evaluation and use extensions of existing products.

Involving Our Growers

By understanding our growers – your goals, challenges, crops and earth – we are able to truly make a difference for your operation. 
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Pipeline Process

To bring dependable, sustainable and innovative products to market, we follow five key phases.
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