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Presidio® Fungicide Now Registered for Florida Citrus

May 8, 2018

WALNUT CREEK, Calif., —Valent U.S.A. LLC today announced that Presidio® Fungicide has been registered by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services for use on all citrus. This label update provides Florida citrus growers with a valuable new tool that controls Phytophthora foot and root rot and also promotes overall tree health.

Phytophthora is the most economically damaging soilborne disease on citrus. Researchers have shown that trees affected with greening, or huanglongbing (HLB), are more susceptible to Phytophthora diseases than non-infected trees. The widespread nature of HLB in Florida has been linked to an uptick in losses to Phytophthora. Presidio delivers targeted control of Phytophthora foot and root rot in new and established juice citrus trees in Florida.

Along with sound cultural practices, fungicides like Presidio are a critical component of a management plan for Phytophthora. "Controlling Phytophthora is crucial to maximizing water and nutrient uptake as well as protecting yield potential at planting," said Kenny Seebold, product development manager at Valent. "By minimizing stresses, Presidio protects the tree’s roots and gets the plant off to a healthy start."

Presidio offers a new chemistry for Phytophthora control in Florida citrus trees and is thus a valuable tool for practicing resistance management. It provides citrus growers with a novel mode of action — the only FRAC 43 fungicide labeled for fighting Phytophthora on citrus — that’s an excellent partner in disease management programs. Research trials in Florida show that Presidio delivers consistent preventive control of Phytophthora and protects yield potential.

In addition to a novel mode of action, Presidio is tank mix compatible with other fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers, and has a wide application window. Plus, Presidio offers growers a short 12-hour restricted entry interval (REI) and 30-day pre-harvest interval (PHI). These benefits are key in established citrus groves with extensive root systems to keep Phytophthora levels low and below injury threshold.

The new Florida citrus registration is an expansion of the existing Presidio label, which includes cucurbits, fruiting vegetables, brassica, leafy vegetables, root and tuber vegetables (except potatoes) and tobacco.

For more information on Presidio, visit valent.com/presidio or contact your local Valent sales representative.

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