2014 News Releases

Valent Launches New Low VOC ProGibb® LV Plus Plant Growth Regulator

October 29, 2014

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced the launch of ProGibb® LV Plus Plant Growth Regulator, a high-potency, liquid gibberellic acid (GA3) formulation designed to comply with California's new air quality standards for high volatile organic compound (VOC) agricultural products. ProGibb LV Plus offers the same efficacy and flexibility growers learned to rely on with ProGibb 4% without the environmental and safety issues associated with a VOC product.

"Volatile organic compounds contribute to the formation of ozone, a major air pollutant in the valley," said James Hansen, product manager for ProGibb LV Plus. "This new formulation makes it easier for major food production areas like the San Joaquin Valley to mitigate its contribution to the ozone challenge while still improving crop quality and value."

In addition to lower emissions, ProGibb LV Plus contains twice the concentration of active material compared to ProGibb 4%. Also, ProGibb LV Plus has the lowest emission potential percentage (EP%) of available liquid low-VOC products and is non-flammable, which makes it safer to store and handle.

"Not only have we developed a low-VOC formulation, we've increased the potency from one gram to two of GA3 in each fluid ounce," said Johan Pienaar, global business manager for plant growth regulators at Valent BioSciences Corporation. "Effectively, we've put the same amount of active ingredient into a half-gallon package, which allows us to use a smaller footprint, which is about 50% less post-consumer waste. ProGibb LV Plus offers growers a good stewardship choice."

ProGibb LV Plus is labeled with the same uses as other ProGibb formulations and is listed on the National Organic Program's (NOP) list of approved organic products. The product is available in regions where ProGibb 4% is sold.

To take an accredited online continuing education course on VOC regulations, sponsored by Valent in conjunction with Western Farm Press, please visit www.pentonag.com/voc.

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