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Valent Professional Products Announces 2013 Golf Course Superintendent Early Order Program

October 17, 2012

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—Golf course superintendents looking to get a jump on next year and maximize their maintenance budgets can do both with the 2013 Golf Course Superintendent Early Order Program from Valent Professional Products.

From Oct. 1 to Dec. 7, 2012, golf course superintendents can enjoy major savings when choosing from Valent Professional Products’ best-in-class portfolio of solutions for golf course turf and surrounding landscapes—including Arena® Insecticide, Stellar® Fungicide, SureGuard® Herbicide, Tourney® Fungicide, Velocity® Herbicide and more.

“Golf course superintendents are already planning for 2013, and we understand that budgetary concerns will play a major part in the decision-making process,” said Mike Riffle, manager of national sales and market development for Valent Professional Products. “The Early Order Program provides superintendents with a value-added incentive—a great value for quality, best-in-class solutions that will contribute to healthy and high-quality turf.”

Valent Professional Products offers superintendents a wide variety of products to help protect their courses and the surrounding areas from diseases, pests and weeds.

SureGuard, for instance, offers excellent control of tough annual broadleaf and grassy weeds in landscaped and bareground areas and controls Poa annua all winter long when applied to dormant Bermudagrass.

Tourney, meanwhile, provides broad spectrum control of the “big three” turf diseases—anthracnose, brown patch and dollar spot—plus a wide variety of other tough diseases, including fairy ring, snow mold, gray leaf spot, summer patch, take-all patch and more.

And Stellar is a unique, synergistic fungicide premix with a novel mode of action that offers excellent control of Pythium. 

The following products are also included in Early Order Program reward offers: BroadStar Herbicide, DiPel® PRO DF Biological Insecticide, Distance® Fire Ant Bait, Distance Insect Growth Regulator, Envoy Plus® Herbicide, ProGibb® T&O Plant Growth Regulator and TetraSan® Miticide.

Golf course superintendents should contact their local distributor to learn more about the 2013 Golf Course Superintendent Early Order Program.

To learn more about Valent Professional Products’ best-in-class line of golf turf products and solutions, please visit www.valentpro.com.

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