2012 News Releases

Chateau® Herbicide Approved for Fallow Bed Use in California Transplanted Tomato Beds

October 10, 2012

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced Chateau® Herbicide has been granted a supplemental label for fallow bed use in California for transplanted tomato beds.

A long-lasting preemergence herbicide, Chateau offers growers residual protection against more than 90 annual weeds, including tough California winter annuals such as shepherd’s-purse, chickweed, fleabane, lambsquarters, mallow, marestail and fleabane.

Kelli Woodwick, marketing manager for specialty crops at Valent, said this supplemental label update will bring California growers more confidence and greater flexibility in their weed control strategies.

“California tomato growers face a broad spectrum of tough winter annual weeds each year. Until now, they haven’t had effective preemergence tools to keep those weeds under control during the fallow season,” Woodwick said. “With this supplemental label, Chateau will help California growers take a better and longer-lasting approach to those yield-robbing winter annual weeds.”

Woodwick added that Chateau is farm friendly and weather-ready. With proven staying power under various weather conditions, Chateau remains active under dry weather conditions, and needs only ¼-inch of water or rainfall for activation. It won't leach or lift off, nor will it volatilize. Chateau also allows rotational flexibility and can be used in groundwater protection areas.

Chateau is ideal for transplant tomatoes and has use instructions for both raised and flat bed production.

For more information on Chateau, visit www.valent.com/chateau.

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