2011 News Releases

NipsIt INSIDE® Insecticide Granted Experimental Use Permit (EUP) for Use as Seed Protection in Southern Rice

February 24, 2011

NipsIt INSIDE® Insecticide has received from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) an Experimental Use Permit (EUP)* in multiple Southern states for use against rice water weevil and grape colaspis. Additional rice pests are being applied for on the section 3 label which is anticipated mid-year of 2012.

Under the EUP, NipsIt INSIDE may be applied as a seed treatment to dry-seeded, drilled rice in up to 40,000 total acres across Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi and Texas in the 2011 season. The EUP label also stipulates NipsIt INSIDE may be used in another 40,000 total acres in the same states in the 2012 season if used prior to June 23 of that year.        

“In the last few years, insect pressure in rice has been extremely high, especially early in the season when rice is establishing a stand. In research trials, NipsIt INSIDE has shown significant control of key damaging pests, namely rice water weevil and grape colaspis. And NipsIt INSIDE was shown in trials to mix extremely well with rice fungicides and plant growth regulators, making it a highly compatible and effective tool for the dry-seeded rice grower. Once registered, this product will provide growers with a much-needed control option for these challenging pests.” —Frank Carey, Valent field market development specialist

Research studies have shown that NipsIt INSIDE provides effective, long-lasting control on a broad spectrum of early-season rice pests, including rice water weevil and grape colaspis—two of the most important Southern rice insect pests. As a seed treatment for dry-seeded, drilled rice, NipsIt INSIDE includes Valent’s Lock Tight™ technology to thoroughly cover each seed and ensure the protection stays on the seed, which studies have shown can maximize performance.