2011 News Releases

New Study Shows Tourney® Fungicide Delivers Excellent Snow Mold Control, Turf Quality

August 22, 2011

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—A new study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that a single application of Tourney® Fungicide can provide excellent snow mold control and turf quality on golf course fairways.

Conducted on creeping bentgrass and annual bluegrass fairways at Wawonowin Country Club in Champion, Mich., that were naturally infected with various forms of snow mold, the University of Wisconsin study rated both disease control and turf quality.

Applied in early November 2010 and rated in mid-April 2011 on plots that experienced continuous snow cover during that period (approximately 150 days), a tank mix of Tourney (0.37 oz/tsf) and 3336 Plus (4 fl oz/tsf) delivered superior snow mold control, with a lower disease percentage than a tank mix of other similar fungicides. The Tourney tank mix also delivered a high turf quality rating, on par with the competing tank mix.

With PCNB currently unavailable to golf course superintendents, Tourney provides an effective alternative for snow mold control.

“The University of Wisconsin study reinforces that Tourney is an integral component for a proven and effective snow mold control program,” said Dr. Jill Calabro, plant pathologist for Valent Professional Products. “In addition to controlling snow mold, a late-fall Tourney application can also help superintendents clean up a number of other tough turf diseases, including anthracnose and brown patch.”

“A late-fall Tourney application can also help reduce inoculum levels and delay the reappearance of key diseases, such as dollar spot, until later in the spring,” Calabro added.

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