2011 News Releases

League™ Herbicide Registered for Use on Tough Weeds in Southern Rice

New rice herbicide gives flexibility and unprecedented early-season control of tough broadleaf, aquatic and sedge weeds

February 23, 2011

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.— Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced League™ Herbicide has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for use in conventional and Clearfield® rice varieties in the southern U.S. League provides rice growers exceptional early-season control of emerging troublesome broadleaf, aquatic and sedge weeds, including Texasweed, jointvetch, hemp sesbania, morningglory, yellow nutsedge, eclipta, duckweed and many others.

“League brings an entirely new and effective option for growers needing strong early-season weed control,” said Frank Carey, Valent field market development manager. “Research trials have shown that League consistently delivers unmatched control of early-season broadleaf, sedge and aquatic weeds. This control gives growers peace of mind when it counts the most: as their rice stand is just getting established.”

Unlike most rice herbicides, the active ingredient in League is absorbed by the plant foliage as well as the root system—offering growers both contact and residual control. As a result, League is flexible enough to be applied either pre- or postemergence with multiple grass herbicide partners for a complete weed control program in both conventional or hybrid varieties and in dry-seeded or water-seeded operations.

League also works quickly—stopping growth in as few as seven days—to eliminate the weed competition. Carey believes the consistently cleaner start League provides rice growers early on may help extend the value of their programmed mid-season postemergence application and boost yield at harvest.

“When used as part of a programmed approach, the significant early-season control League provides helps fields stay cleaner longer—giving any postemergence herbicide a head start on their late-season control,” Carey said. “League will fit nicely into a wide variety of programs and operations to give growers the best start to their season and set them up for strong yield results.”     


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