Valent, Monsanto Introduce New Residual Rewardssm for Soybeans

Enhanced program brings greater rewards to growers to help maximize yield, help minimize resistance risk

August 31, 2010

Walnut Creek, Calif. and St. Louis, Mo.—August 31, 2010—Valent U.S.A. Corporation and Monsanto Company have announced a new partnership in the Residual Rewardssm for soybeans program. The program is designed to provide farmers a financial incentive to employ a program approach to weed management.

Under Residual Rewards, growers who fight tough weeds in Roundup Ready® soybeans with Valor®, Valor XLT, Gangster® or Warrant™ residual herbicides and Roundup WeatherMAX® herbicide will receive a $1.50/A rebate. Participating growers who use one of the residuals and Roundup PowerMAX® will receive $1.00/A.

For several years the two companies have joined forces on grower-focused programs to encourage a program approach to crop protection. The new, simplified Residual Rewards program gives growers the same opportunities to help maximize the yield potential of their crops and help minimize the risk of resistance, all in an easy-to-manage, more rewarding system.

"Residual herbicides such as Valor, Valor XLT and Gangster have become the standard for a programmed approach to fighting tough weeds," said Jamie Nielson, Valent brand manager. "Residual Rewards will pay growers back for including the longest-lasting residuals available into their crop protection strategies. Residuals are proven to improve yield and Residual Rewards will provide rebates—together putting more money back into the grower’s pocket."

"Weed control and other agronomic practices are major contributors to on-farm success. This new program is a way for us to stand behind one of the best management practices," said Matt Helms, Monsanto crop protection marketing lead. "Growers can utilize the combination of Valent’s residual herbicides or our new Warrant herbicide with Roundup WeatherMAX or Roundup PowerMAX herbicides to help maximize yield potential in a Roundup Ready system. Residual Rewards encourages farmers to take a proactive approach."

In addition to the new Residual Rewards program, Valent and Monsanto also have simplified the Volunteer Roundup Ready Corn 2 Cost-Share Assistance program. This program allows growers to use Valent’s Select Max® Herbicide with Inside Technology™ to help control volunteer Roundup Ready Corn 2 in Roundup Ready soybeans or cotton with up to $1.50/A to protect their bottom line.

Program Qualifications

Residual Rewards for Soybeans Program
Crops included: Roundup Ready® Soybeans

Growers utilize Roundup® brand herbicides as the only glyphosate-containing herbicide for use on Monsanto technology acres on farm with Valor, Valor XLT, Gangster or Warrant Herbicides.

  • 22 oz Roundup WeatherMAX along with Valor, Valor XLT, Gangster or Warrant Herbicides at the listed rate will earn $1.50/A
  • 22 oz Roundup PowerMAX along with Valor, Valor XLT, Gangster or Warrant Herbicides at the listed rate will earn $1.00/A

Volunteer Roundup Ready Corn 2 Cost-Share Allowance Crops included: Genuity® Roundup Ready Soybeans, Genuity Roundup Ready Flex Cotton, Roundup Ready Soybeans, Roundup Ready Cotton

Participating growers who use 6 oz/A of Select Max to control volunteer corn along with Roundup brand agricultural herbicides will earn the following:

  • 22 oz Roundup WeatherMAX plus Select Max will earn $1.50/A
  • 22 oz Roundup PowerMAX plus Select Max will earn $1.00/A

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