ProTone® Plant Growth Regulator Receives OMRI Listing

December 13, 2010

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced that ProTone® Plant Growth Regulator is now listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) for use in organic certified production or food processing and handling.

This listing indicates that ProTone complies with the OMRI Policy and Standards Manual, which is based on requirements of the USDA National Organic Program Rule.

“ProTone is a great PGR choice for red table grape growers who want better color, quality and marketing flexibility,” said Jim Hansen, Valent plant growth regulator marketing manager. “Now that ProTone is OMRI-listed for use in organic production, it will be an essential tool for use in organic, as well as conventional, vineyards.”

ProTone works by stimulating the production of pigments that gives berries their red color without negative impacts on berry quality. Because it can be used from veraison until late in the season and is exempt from tolerance with a zero-day pre-harvest interval (PHI), ProTone offers red table grape growers both increased flexibility and improved packout.

For more information, please visit www.valent.com/protone.

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