Trials Show Soybean Growers and Retailers Improved Stand Counts, Easier Use and Strong Satisfaction from Seed Treated with INOVATE™ System

December 9, 2010

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—With 2011 just weeks away, the first step for many value-minded soybean growers is selecting an effective seed protection system to get the season off to a strong start. And according to new results from a 2010 trial program from Valent U.S.A. Corporation and Chemtura AgroSolutions, more growers may be looking to the new INOVATE™ System this year for consistent, systemic control of a broad spectrum of soybean diseases and insects.

In trials by more than 200 growers and retailers across U.S. soybean regions, INOVATE outperformed competitive seed protection systems—with participants reporting improved stand counts (an average of 7.5 percent better stands than competitors) and overall better performance than competitive seed treatments or untreated seeds in flowability, plantability, equipment interaction and appearance of the treatment on the seed. Additionally, participants reported an average yield increase of 3.5 percent when seeds were treated with INOVATE versus left untreated—a increase comparable or better than other seed protectants in the trials.

The program results were announced this week at the American Seed Trade Association (ASTA) CSS & Seed Expo meeting in Chicago. Paul Johnson, Valent crop and key accounts manager, said this trial program of INOVATE—a joint offering from Valent and Chemtura AgroSolutions introduced this past season—allowed participants to see first-hand the value INOVATE would bring to their bottom line.

"With soybean prices at record highs and input costs always top-of-mind, growers have become precision planters and expect their seed protection to perform consistently and as expected," Johnson said. "They want exact populations, to know exactly what their seed costs are at planting and how that translates coming out of the ground—and that all starts with a strong stand at the start of the season. The results of this trial show that’s where INOVATE can really help. INOVATE more consistently ensured growers have an ideal stand right from the beginning and helped secure the end-of-year ROI back to the grower and retailer."

At the ASTA conference, Valent announced that of the 200+ retailers and growers participating in the INOVATE System demo program:

  • Participants reported an average stand increase of 7.5 percent from INOVATE-treated soybeans compared to competitive seed treatments and untreated seed
  • The majority of participating seed applicators said they were "very satisfied" with INOVATE System
  • The majority of growers reported they were "very satisfied" with INOVATE in overall performance and ease of use

Alex Toelke, a retailer in central Missouri, participated in the trial program and said he was impressed with the control the triple-systemic INOVATE System provided throughout the season.

"There's assurance in INOVATE’s multiple modes of action that can keep anything from disease to insects from getting into a crop in the early stages," Toelke said. "In the vigor stage you could see the INOVATE-treated beans taking off quicker. Even the beans seemed like they bushed out quicker on 15-inch rows or 30-inch rows. INOVATE is one of the strongest seed protection systems and will be one of my main recommendations again next year."

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