INOVATE™ System Receives Approval for Use with Becker Underwood Rhizobia Line-up

Growers assured effectiveness of both products when used in conjunction with each other

March 16, 2010

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced the addition of the INOVATE System to the list of products compatible with rhizobia applications from Becker Underwood, Inc.

INOVATE contains clothianidin insecticide from Valent (NipsIt INSIDE® Insecticide, newly registered for use in soybeans), plus a custom combination of ipconazole and metalaxyl fungicides (RANCONA Xxtra Fungicide) from Chemtura Corporation. Together these three super systemic ingredients provide broad spectrum contact and systemic seed and seedling protection.

“The compatibility of the INOVATE System with industry leading rhizobia products is helping move seed protection to a new level,” said Glen Karaffa, Valent Seed Protection business manager. “Becker Underwood has an impressive offering of rhizobia products, including Vault® LVL and Vault® HP that will partner with INOVATE to offer growers even better options for early season seed protection.”

Karen Arthur, Valent research and development manager said receiving approval to apply the three active ingredients in the INOVATE System simultaneously or sequentially with a rhizobia application allows growers greater planting flexibility.

“Trials show that seed treated with Becker Underwood rhizobia and our INOVATE System products have a longer shelf life on the seed at 43 days compared to competitive seed treatment products at 35 days with the Vault LVL product,” Arthur said. “That flexibility, from the time of application until the date of planting, ensures that growers will have time to get the crop in the field, despite spring weather challenges.”

Additional research is in place to establish the INOVATE compatibility with Vault HP, which at this time is tracking beyond the 43-day period. Refer to the Becker Underwood website for updates on the final Vault HP compatibility performance with the INOVATE System offer.

According to Arthur, pairing INOVATE with a rhizobia application results in holistic seed protection from pests and diseases, while promoting nitrogen uptake, increasing the vigor of the plant.

“Our testing has shown treatments of INOVATE applied simultaneously or sequentially with rhizobia equaled similar nodulation development to rhizobia applications alone,” said Arthur. “Using this program, growers with low nitrogen fields, in both conventional and no-till programs, can promote nitrogen uptake and increase the health of the crop.”

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