Valent Canada Registers Flumioxazin in Canada

Brand new active ingredient provides effective weed control.

February 11, 2009

GUELPH, ON (Feb. 11, 2009)—Valent Canada has registered flumioxazin, the new active ingredient in several of its new herbicides, with Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency.

Flumioxazin is a member of the protox inhibitor type of herbicides (Group 14), which offers new management options for weeds resistant to Group 2 & 5 herbicides. However, unlike some other Group 14 herbicides, flumioxazin provides residual weed control and enhanced burndown when tank mixed with glyphosate. Flumioxazin works by inhibiting production of an enzyme important in the synthesis of chlorophyll.

Flumioxazin’s excellent weed control is complemented by flexible rotational intervals. "Its rapid soil and water dissipation," said Regina Rieckenberg, Valent Canada Sales and Marketing Manager, "along with low use rate, results in a low carryover potential to rotational crops."

Products containing flumioxazin will include: Chateau®, SureGuard®, BroadStar, Payload (all distributed by Engage Agro Corporation) and Valtera (sold by Valent Canada).

Chateau provides effective residual weed control in orchards (pome fruit & stone fruit), grapes, strawberries, highbush blueberries, potatoes, asparagus and dry bulb onions.

SureGuard is designed for field grown ornamentals (deciduous and coniferous).

BroadStar controls weeds in container-grown ornamentals.

Payload provides effective season-long industrial vegetation management.

Valtera herbicide is designed for use in soybeans. It has been sold in the US since 2001 under the trade name Valor®.

"This brand new active ingredient flumioxazin provides an excellent new weed management avenue through a variety of applications," said Rieckenberg. "Chateau, SureGuard, BroadStar, Payload and Valtera are ready to meet your weed control needs."

Chateau, SureGuard, BroadStar, Payload and Valtera are some of many quality products from Valent Canada, including plant growth regulators, herbicides and insecticides. Valent's product line includes leading brands such as DiPel® Insecticide, MaxCel® Plant Growth Regulator (PGR), Promalin® PGR and ReTain® PGR.