Tourney Fungicide Making Believers Out of Superintendents and Distributors

Valent’s Tourney Demo Program off to a great start

July 8, 2009

Seeing really is believing when it comes to Tourney® Fungicide, as golf course superintendents and distributor sales representatives who have taken part in the highly successful Tourney Fungicide Demo Program can attest.

Since March, Valent Professional Products (VPP) has distributed more than 1,200 jugs of Tourney to superintendents for disease control and turf quality trials so they can see the results for themselves on such diseases as brown patch, anthracnose and dollar spot, among others.

The response from superintendents and distributors thus far has been overwhelmingly enthusiastic. On a scale of 1 (poor) to 5 (excellent), over 90 percent of golf superintendents have rated the performance of Tourney as either “excellent” or “very good” on both disease control and turf quality, with superintendents reporting an application interval ranging from 14–32 days.

Tourney is also receiving strong reviews from superintendents across the country due to the positive results they are seeing on their courses.

“We are a Poa-heavy course, so we always have a consistent problem with anthracnose all the way through fall,” said Nick Burchard, superintendent at Crestwood Country Club in Rehoboth, Mass. “I put Tourney as our first shot right out of the gate at the 16-ounce rate in mid-April and it is still clean as a whistle seven weeks later. Everyone at the club is asking what we did differently this year and, really, the only thing different I can point to is Tourney.”

Scott Todd, VPP national business manager, said the Tourney Fungicide Demo Program is further establishing Tourney as one of the most active fungicides on the market.

“Superintendents looking for fast, effective control of the diseases that plague their turf are seeing that Tourney provides superior performance,” Todd said. “The vast majority of those who have taken part in the Tourney Demo Program are now believers.”

For more information on Tourney, visit www.TourneyBelievers.com.

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