SureGuard® Herbicide Now Registered for Landscape Weed Management

February 25, 2009

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—(February 25, 2009) Valent U.S.A. Corporation has received a new registration from the Environmental Protection Agency that has been approved by all 50 states for the use of SureGuard® Herbicide in landscape settings.

SureGuard has been well regarded among nursery professionals for its long-lasting, preemergence and quick postemergence control of broadleaf and grass weeds such as crabgrass, spurge, bittercress and groundsel. Jason Fausey, Valent field market development specialist, said SureGuard provides consistent, highly effective and long lasting weed control which is especially important in the labor-intensive lawn care marketplace.

“Lawn care operators (LCOs) need the confidence their herbicide will effectively control weeds for the longest possible time,” Fausey said. “SureGuard lasts longer than other residual herbicides—meaning fewer sprays over the course of the season and, ultimately, helping reduce costly repeat visits for the LCOs. Additionally, SureGuard consistently performs under a wide array of conditions and settings to help ensure their customers are satisfied in the long run.”

In addition, SureGuard’s active ingredient, flumioxazin, brings a unique mode of action (MOA) to the LCO market. Fausey said this MOA provides a new tool for controlling glyphosate-resistant weeds and providing an overall strong resistance management alternative.
“When mixed with glyphosate, SureGuard works extremely well to speed-up the results and help control weeds that glyphosate alone does not,” Fausey said. “We’ve seen many cases where applications of glyphosate work, but by adding SureGuard to that program, the LCOs gained more effective weed control in a much shorter amount of time—along with the reduction in the total number of herbicide applications required.”

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