Quash Fungicide Registered in California

Growers gain a new tool in the fight against tree nut and stone fruit diseases

November 2, 2009

Valent U.S.A. Corporation has received California registration for the use of Quash® Fungicide on stone fruit and tree nuts. Quash currently is registered in a number of states; registration is pending in New York. 

Quash is a new, highly effective, broad spectrum triazole fungicide containing metconazole, a new active ingredient for tree nuts and stone fruit. Quash offers excellent control of such diseases as blossom blight, Alternaria leaf spot, shot hole, scab, brown rot and more. Trials show that Quash results in improved tree nut and stone fruit quality, greater yields and an excellent return on the grower’s investment.

“We believe growers will see a significant value from Quash Fungicide,” said Gerald Holmes, Valent product development manager. “Quash has been a top-performing fungicide in many University of California research trials as well as in demonstration trials in California and throughout the country.” 

In university trials, Quash has shown consistent top-rated control of brown rot, blossom blight and other key diseases with preventive and curative action.

“Triazole chemistry keeps improving, and Quash is an excellent example of new generation efficacy,” said Holmes. “Quash offers growers superior activity on a broad spectrum of pathogens at very low rates.”

Additionally Quash offers growers tank mix and timing flexibility and short pre-harvest intervals (14 days for stone fruit and 25 days for tree nuts), and it is also rainfast in two hours. 

Quash is part of a growing line of innovative, quality products from Valent U.S.A. Corporation for use in orchards.

For more information about Quash Fungicide, Valent U.S.A. Corporation or Valent's full product line, call 800-6-VALENT (682-5368).