New Formulation of BroadStar Herbicide

March 17, 2009

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—(March 17, 2009) Valent U.S.A. Corporation has developed a new and improved formulation of BroadStarTM Herbicide for nursery operations.

The new formulation of BroadStar contains an innovative coating that provides more uniform coverage on each granule. This results in a more consistent release of flumioxazin and provides exceptionally reliable and long lasting weed control for nursery managers, said Jason Fausey, field market development specialist for Valent Professional Products.

“Nurseries have come to trust the excellent control BroadStar provides against such problem weeds as spurge, bittercress and liverwort,” Fausey said. “The new formulation brings nursery managers the same great BroadStar performance they expect, but now provides more uniform performance.”

BroadStar is a flumioxazin-based, broad spectrum herbicide that provides long-lasting control of key weeds other herbicides cannot. Research has shown one preemergence application of BroadStar can provide as much as 12 weeks residual control against the toughest weeds. The new formulation is available in all states, including California and New York.

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