2007 News Releases

Valent to Market Arena® Insecticide in Professional Turf Market

Agreement brings clothianidin to Valent Professional Products' growing turf portfolio 

July 30, 2007

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (July 30, 2007)—Arena® Insecticide—the turf industry's leading control for white grubs and other pests—will be marketed and sold by Valent Professional Products beginning December 1, 2007. 

In an agreement announced jointly by Valent and Arysta LifeScience Corporation, Valent U.S.A. Corporation will acquire the rights to the active ingredient clothianidin later this year, further strengthening Valent's growing presence in the professional turf industry.

About Arena

"Arena is a proven, highly active neonicotinoid," said Scott Todd, national business manager for Valent Professional Products. "Arena will fit well into our growth strategy and will join our other best-in-class products, such as Safari® Insecticide."

Well-respected throughout the turf industry, Arena has been proven in university and independent research trials to significantly expand grub control options for turf professionals. The unique, highly consistent activity of clothianidin has been demonstrated in trials to provide both preventive and curative control of white grubs and other surface-feeders when applied from early May through September.

Arena is absorbed by turf, providing long-term, systemic protection. Because of its low solubility, Arena persists in the root zone for consistent, season-long control.

Arena is effective on all major white grub species that affect turf growth. In addition, Arena offers excellent control of surface-feeding insects such as chinch bugs and sod webworms and provides suppression of mole crickets and cutworms. 

Growing line of turf products

Valent's lineup will continue to expand with the expected registrations of two new fungicides for the turf market. Stellar™ Fungicide, a combination of fluopicolide and propamocarb, offers a new mode of action for outstanding control of pythium. Tourney™ Fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide that provides consistent control of brown patch, anthracnose and dollar spot. Registration for both products is expected for the 2008 use season.

Valent Professional Products serves the areas of tree, turf, greenhouse/nursery and landscape ornamentals as well as structural pest control and industrial vegetation management. Valent Professional Products include BroadStar™ Herbicide, DiPel® PRO DF Biological Insecticide, Distance® Fire Ant Bait, Distance Insect Growth Regulator, Envoy Plus™ Herbicide, Fascination® Plant Growth Regulator, Gnatrol® Biological Larvicide, Orthene® Turf, Tree & Ornamental Spray 97, Orthene PCO Pellets, Payload® Herbicide, ProGibb® T&O Plant Growth Regulator, Safari® Insecticide, Sumagic® Plant Growth Regulator,  SureGuard® Herbicide, Tame® Insecticide, TetraSan® Miticide and Velocity® Herbicide.