2007 News Releases

Valent Introduces New Solution for Top Turf Diseases

Tourney™ Fungicide provides superior control on brown patch, anthracnose, dollar spot

October 26, 2007

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (October 26, 2007)—Valent Professional Products announces the registration of Tourney™ Fungicide, a new solution for superintendents' top turf diseases.

Tourney will provide superintendents with broad spectrum control of the Big Three turf diseases—brown patch, anthracnose and dollar spot—for exceptional turf quality.

"In our early trial work with universities and superintendents, Tourney has really set itself apart from other DMI (demethylation inhibitor) fungicides," Jill Calabro, Valent turf pathologist said. "Typically, superintendents who use DMI fungicides to control dollar spot have had to settle for less-than-desired control of anthracnose or use another product to control brown patch. With Tourney, supers truly get consistent control of all three plus other turf diseases."

In addition to the Big Three turf diseases, Tourney controls red thread, rusts, grey leaf spot, large patch, Zoysia patch, fairy ring and snow mold.

"Tourney also has the lowest use rates of active ingredient when compared to other DMI fungicides on the market," Jason Fausey, Valent field market development manager said. "Consistent broad spectrum disease control at a low use rate means savings for supers as well as a lower environmental load—an increasing concern for the turf industry."

Calabro said Tourney's broad spectrum control will be especially appealing to superintendents looking for one product to help address a variety of problems. 

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For more information about Tourney, visit www.valentpro.com or www.valentpro.com/tourney.