2007 News Releases

Safari® Insecticide Receives Expanded Registration for California Ornamentals and Vegetable Transplants

October 18, 2007


WALNUT CREEK, Calif. (October 18, 2007)—Valent Professional Products announces the registration of a Safari® Insecticide supplemental label for California.

This label includes many new insect pests, expanded application language for landscape use, a reduced reentry interval (REI) for soil drenches, new resistance management recommendations and also allows application to vegetable transplants and interior plantscapes.

"Safari is a relative newcomer to the insecticide market, but has proven to be an essential tool in many pest management programs," said Joe Chamberlin, Valent field market development specialist. "The new Safari label should be a big help to greenhouse operators, nurserymen, arborists and managers of outdoor and interior landscapes."

Safari provides growers with quick knockdown and long residual control of a broad spectrum of insects including whitefly (both B- and Q-biotype), leafminer, fungus gnat, mealybug, armored and soft scale and many more pests.

With the active ingredient dinotefuran, Safari is a next-generation neonicotinoid insecticide.

"Safari is more water-soluble than other insecticides in its class, and therefore super-systemic when applied to the soil," said Mike Riffle, Valent Professional Products product development manager. "As a result, Safari is taken up more quickly by plant roots and more product is transported to where insect pests feed. This means Safari provides faster control of a broader spectrum of insect pests." Safari also makes a good tank mix and rotation partner with other commonly used insecticides, Riffle said.

As with any insecticide, Safari should be rotated with insecticides with a different mode of action in order to minimize the development of resistance.

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For more information about Safari's updated label, visit www.valentpro.com or www.valentpro.com/safari.