2007 News Releases

NEW Envoy Plus™ Herbicide Delivers Better Grass Control

May 2, 2007

WALNUT CREEK, CA (May 2, 2007)—Envoy Plus™ Herbicide from Valent Professional Products is now available to ornamental and conifer growers.

Envoy Plus delivers more consistent control of annual and perennial grasses and replaces Envoy® Herbicide, a proven postemergence herbicide from Valent.

"Envoy Plus is a new formulation that significantly enhances the activity of clethodim, the active ingredient," Todd Mayhew, field market development specialist with Valent said.

With Envoy Plus, growers will get faster and more consistent control of troublesome grasses than they would with other clethodim formulations. Studies show that as soon as 24 hours after application twice as much Envoy Plus is detected in the weed than generic clethodim.

Conifer growers will have more surfactant flexibility with Envoy Plus. They can use nonionic surfactants, crop oil concentrate or combination products.

"Envoy Plus' new formulation allows for a broader rate range," Mayhew said. "This is a direct result of the superior formulation of Envoy Plus that is tailor made for the clethodim molecule and maximizes the performance of the active ingredient." 

Envoy Plus also has an excellent crop safety profile. It can be applied over the top to garden flowers and foliage plants, around ornamental trees and Christmas trees and in non-crop areas to control grasses at heights up to 24 inches.

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