The best way to cover the gap left by glyphosate resistance is with a diversified weed control program.

Resistant weeds have become an increasing problem for growers, with nearly half (49%) of all U.S. growers surveyed in 2012 saying they had glyphosate resistant weeds on their farms, up from 34% of growers in 2011.

That’s why Valent U.S.A. LLC offers a suite of postemergence control solutions that work to cover the gap— the gap between what glyphosate delivers and resistant weeds.

Protect your yield with our proven portfolio of postemergence herbicides.


  • Controls volunteer corn
  • Features Inside Technology, superior performance and crop safety

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  • Controls waterhemp and Palmer amaranth
  • Features crop safety/no carryover concerns and flexibility

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  • Controls velvetleaf and morningglory
  • Features spectrum/faster burndown of key weeds

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For more information about these products and to learn how to best fortify your weed management program, please contact your local Valent representative.

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Roundup Ready PLUS® Soybean Incentives

Our postemergence herbicides are proven to help you fight glyphosate-resistant weeds as part of the Roundup Ready® system, with cash-back incentive-earning opportunities per acre.

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2017 Roundup Ready PLUS® Soybean Incentives

PDF: 2015 Roundup Ready PLUS Soybean Incentives Download PDF