Commodity Classic 2021

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The past year has been full of challenges for growers across the country. With tough-to-control weeds continuing to spread, growers are seeking new tools to fight them. Valent's robust soybean herbicide portfolio offers growers solutions from pre-plant to canopy, including our newest addition, Perpetuo Herbicide.

Managing Tough-to-Control Weeds With A Post-Emergence Solution

Managing Tough-to-Control Weeds With A Post-Emergence SolutionWatch this video to learn how a complete weed control program that incorporates Perpetuo™ Herbicide can help growers battle tough-to-control weeds. Hear real-life results and feedback from a 2020 Perpetuo demo program that incorporated more than 150 growers
across the Midwest.

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Managing Resistance in Auxin Trait Systems

Managing Resistance in Auxin Trait SystemsPalmer amaranth and waterhemp continue to be incredibly tough-to-control weeds with increasing herbicide resistance. Click the link below to learn from University experts across the Midwest about the key to managing resistance of those tough-to-control weeds in auxin trait systems.

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Applying Post Applications of PPO-Herbicides

Field Advice from Valent U.S.A. Applying Post Applications of PPO HerbicidesLowell Sandell, field market development specialist, demonstrates the growth and development of soybeans treated by PPO-herbicides, Perpetuo Herbicide and Cobra® Herbicide.

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Perpetuo™ Herbicide Demo Program Results

A soybean field140 growers added Perpetuo Herbicide into their weed control programs and shared their experiences.

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A Season-Long Approach for Weed Management

AgriTalk radio show logoListen to John Pawlak, senior product development manager, discuss recommended weed management as a three-step approach.

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e-Book: Postemergence Residual Weed Control in Soybeans with Perpetuo™ Herbicide

A crop field at sunrisePerpetuo™ Herbicide offers two modes of action to provide residual and turndown for more complete control.

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Valent Weed Control Solutions

  • Perpetuo™ Herbicide

    Burndown and Residual for Tough, In-Season Control

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  • Fierce® MTZ Herbicide

    Fight Tough and Resistant Weeds and Grasses with Three Effective Modes of Action in a Liquid Formulation

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  • Fierce® XLT Soybean Herbicide

    Fight Tough and Resistant Weeds and Grasses in Soybeans with Three Modes of Action

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  • Fierce® EZ Herbicide

    Fierce® EZ is a preemergence herbicide, with two effective modes of action, that provides proven effective control of tough weeds for up to 8 weeks.

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  • Valor® EZ Herbicide

    Proven Performance with Excellent Rotational Flexibility in an Easy-to-Use Liquid

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