Resource® Herbicide

  • Glyphosate partner; adds speed to glyphosate
  • Kills problem weeds that glyphosate alone misses
  • Resistance management

Resource. Faster Control. Faster Results.

Resource is a fast-acting, postemergence broadleaf herbicide that's ideal for controlling tough weeds in corn and soybeans. Not only is Resource fast and powerful, it’s also a cost-effective solution that will you help you take on the toughest, most resistant weeds. And its non-ALS chemistry also makes Resource a superb fit in a resistance management program.

Download Label/SDS for Resource Herbicide.

Download Label/SDS
  • morningglory (suppression)
  • pigweed
  • velvetleaf
  • common cocklebur (suppression)
  • common lambsquarters (suppression)
  • common ragweed
  • jimsonweed
  • palmer pigweed (suppression)
  • prickly sida
  • spotted spurge (suppression)
  • corn
  • soybeans

Always read and follow label instructions.

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