Prevent insects, weeds and disease in cereals and maximize yield with proven solutions from Valent. Find the complete list of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, seed protection and plant growth regulators (PGRs) below.


Valor® SX Herbicide

Valor SX is a preemergence herbicide for use on soybeans, cotton and peanuts that provides growers 4-6 weeks of residual control.

Azera® Insecticide

Controls insects by quick knockdown, ingestion and insect growth regulatory activity on over 200 growing crops and insect types

EverGreen® Insecticide Crop Protection EC 60-6

Pyrethrin-based botanical insecticide synergized with PBO and an ideal pre-harvest clean-up spray that provides fast knockdown and control with minimal field REI

PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 1.4II/5.0II

Controls a broad-spectrum of insects such as aphids, mites and whiteflies on over 200 crops including strawberries, leafy vegetables, caneberries, table grapes and citrus

Tersus® Insecticide

Works on strawberries, caneberries, leafy vegetables, citrus, and tomatoes to control a broad-spectrum of insects such as aphids, thrips, lygus, and leafhoppers

plant growth regulator
RyzUp SmartGrass® Plant Growth Regulator

RyzUp SmartGrass is a plant growth regulator that stimulates growth, improves dry matter yields and maintains excellent quality in corn silage.

seed protection

INTEGO SUITE Cereals OF is an on-farm applied fungicide/insecticide seed treatment for superior protection against multiple Pythium species, including those not controlled by metalaxyl

NipsIt® SUITE Cereals OF Seed Protectant

Protect seed from wireworm & key diseases, including common bunt, flag smut, Pythium root rot & more with NipsIt® SUITE Cereals OF Seed Protectant from Valent.

Release® Plant Growth Regulator

Seed treatment for improved germination rate and stand establishment


Spotlight on:

  • Unsurpassed contact and super-systemic protection against diseases
  • Leading-edge management tool against key seed/seedling insects
  • Lock Tight™ Technology for unmatched protection
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