Bolero® 8 EC Rice Herbicide

Weed Control

Bolero® 8 EC Rice Herbicide provides the sprangletop control you've been missing in your foundational herbicide program. Ideal for dry or water-seeded protection of conventional or Clearfield® rice, Bolero is compatible with other delayed preemergence applications, allowing you to get early residual control of yield-impacting weeds. 

Product Benefits

  • Controls Tough-to-Manage Sprangletop Plus Aquatics and Annual Sedges
  • Ideal in Conventional or Clearfield Rice Production
  • Great Fit in Dry-Seeded or Water-Seeded Rice Production
  • Compatible with Other Delayed Preemergence Applications

Key Problems/Uses

Flatsedge, Barnyardgrass, Sprangletop, Aquatic weeds

Product Details


  • Rice
  • Drilled-Seeded Rice
  • Dry-Seeded Rice
  • Water-Seeded Rice


  • Purple (Preemergence) Ammannia
  • Barnyardgrass (Preemergence)
  • Large (Preemergence) Crabgrass
  • Dayflower (Preemergence)
  • Ducksalad (Preemergence)
  • Eclipta (Preemergence)
  • Redroot (Preemergence) Flatsedge
  • Rice (Preemergence) Flatsedge
  • Goosegrass (Preemergence)
  • Gooseweed (Preemergence)
  • Hurrahgrass (Preemergence)
  • Junglerice (Preemergence)
  • Fall (Preemergence) Panicum
  • False (Preemergence) Pimpernel
  • Redstem (Preemergence)
  • Red Rice
  • Red (Preemergence) Rice
  • Broadleaf (Preemergence) Signalgrass
  • Amazon (Preemergence) Spikerush
  • Bearded (Preemergence) Spikerush
  • Sprangletop
  • Water Hyssop (Preemergence)

* Each crop and use may not be registered in every state. Always read and follow label instructions.

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