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2011 INOVATE® Seed Protectant Trial Experience Program Results


Abolish® Herbicide
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Adorn® Fungicide
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Agriculture Products
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Almond Resistance Management
Almond Solution Program
Arena® Insecticide
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Belay® Insecticide
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Bolero® Rice Herbicide
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Chateau Potato Video
Chateau® Herbicide
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Citrus Resistance Management
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Clipper® Herbicide
Cobra® Herbicide
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Danitol® Insecticide-Miticide
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DiPel Video
DiPel® Biological Insecticide
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DiPel® Biological Insecticide Overview
DiPel® PRO DF Biological Insecticide
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Distance® Fire Ant Bait
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Distance® Insect Growth Regulator
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DiTera® Nematicide
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Domark® Fungicide
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Envoy Plus® Herbicide
Esteem® Ant Bait
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Esteem® Ant Bait Overview
Esteem® Insect Growth Regulator
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Fascination® Plant Growth Regulator
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Field Corn
Field Discovery and Development
Fierce XLT Soybean Herbicide Download Literature
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Fierce® Herbicide Trial Program Results
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Fierce® Herbicide
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Fierce® XLT Soybean Herbicide
Fungicides for Downy Mildew
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Gangster® Herbicide
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Gnatrol® Biological Larvicide
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Grapes Resistance Management
Grapes Solution Program


Herbicides for Common and Giant Ragweed
Herbicides for Marestail (Horseweed)
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Industrial Vegetation Management
INOVATE® Seed Protectant
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Insecticides and Insect Growth Regulator for Whitefly
Insecticides and Insect Growth Regulators for Scale
Insecticides for Mealybugs
INTEGO SUITE System – Download Literature
INTEGO SUITE System - Video
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Knack® Insect Growth Regulator
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Knack® Insect Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
Knack® Insect Growth Regulator Overview


Label and MSDS for INTEGO SUITE System
Label and MSDS for RainGard®
Label and MSDS for Raynox®
Lawn & Landscape Operator
League® MVP Herbicide
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League® Herbicide
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MaxCel® Plant Growth Regulator
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MaxCel® Plant Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
MaxCel® Plant Growth Regulator Overview
METLOCK SUITE Sugar Beets System Contact Valent
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METLOCK® SUITE Sugar Beets System
Mite Control Tools


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NipsIt INSIDE® Insecticide
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NipsIt INSIDE® Insecticide Overview
NipsIt SUITE Cereals Seed Protectant Contact Valent
NipsIt SUITE Rice System Download Literature
NipsIt SUITE Rice System Labels/MSDS
NipsIt SUITE Sugar Beets System Contact Valent
NipsIt SUITE Sugar Beets System Label/MSDS
NipsIt® SUITE Rice System
NipsIt® SUITE Sugar Beets System
NipsIt SUITE Cereals Seed Protectant
NipsIt SUITE Cereals Seed Protectant Download Literature
NipsIt SUITE Cereals Seed Protectant Label/MSDS
NipsIt SUITE Sugar Beets System Download Literature


Overture® Insecticide
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Overture® Insecticide Download Literature
Overture® Insecticide Label/MSDS


Payload® Herbicide
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Payload® Label/MSDS
Peanuts Resistance Management
PhoenixTM Herbicide
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PhoenixTM Herbicide Download Literature
PhoenixTM Herbicide Label/MSDS
Piper™ Herbicide Download Literature
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Piper Herbicide Label/MSDS
Piper Herbicide
PoMaxaTM Plant Growth Regulator
PoMaxaTM Plant Growth Regulator Download Literature
PoMaxaTM Plant Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
Pome Fruit (Apples and Pears)
Pome Fruit (Apples and Pears) Resistance Management
Potatoes Resistance Management
Presidio® Fungicide Download Literature
Presidio® Fungicide
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Presidio® Fungicide Label/MSDS
Presidio® Fungicide Overview
Prevent White Mold
Privacy Policy
Product Pipeline
Professional Labels/MSDS
Professional Organic Products
Professional Products
Professional Programs and Tools
ProGibb® Plant Growth Regulator
ProGibb® Plant Growth Regulator Contact Valent
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ProGibb® Plant Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
ProGibb® Plant Growth Regulator Overview
ProGibb® T&O Contact Valent
ProGibb® T&O Label/MSDS
ProGibb® T&O Plant Growth Regulator
Promalin® Plant Growth Regulator
Promalin® Plant Growth Regulator Contact Valent
Promalin® Plant Growth Regulator Download Literature
Promalin® Plant Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
Promalin® Plant Growth Regulator Overview
ProTone® Plant Growth Regulator
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ProTone® Plant Growth Regulator Download Literature
ProTone® Plant Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
ProTone® Plant Growth Regulator Overview
ProTone® Plant Growth Regulator Videos
ProVide® Plant Growth Regulator
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ProVide® Plant Growth Regulator Label/MSDS


Quash Fungicide Label/MSDS
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Quash® Fungicide


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RainGard® Fruit Cracking Suppressant
Raynox® Download Literature
Raynox® Preharvest Coating
Regiment® CA Herbicide
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Regiment® CA Herbicide Label/MSDS
Regiment® Herbicide
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Regiment® Herbicide Label/MSDS
Regulatory Affairs
Related Organizations
Related Organizations
Related Organizations
Related Organizations
Related Organizations
Related Organizations
Related Organizations
Release® Plant Growth Regulator Video
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Release® Plant Growth Regulator
Release® Plant Growth Regulator Contact Valent
Release® Plant Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
Resource® Herbicide
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Resource® Herbicide Download Literature
Resource® Herbicide Label/MSDS
ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator
ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator Contact Valent
ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
ReTain Plant Growth Regulator Download Literature
ReTain Plant Growth Regulator Overview
ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator Videos
Rice Resistance Management
Rizolex® Fungicide
Rizolex® Fungicide Videos
Rizolex Fungicide Contact Valent
Rizolex Fungicide Label/MSDS
RIZOLEXTM Fungicide Download Literature
RyzUp SmartGrass® Plant Growth Regulator
RyzUp SmartGrass® Plant Growth Regulator Contact Valent
RyzUp SmartGrass® Plant Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
RyzUp SmartGrass® Plant Growth Regulator Video
RyzUp® SmartGrass Plant Growth Regulator Download Literature


Safari® Insecticide
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Safari® Insecticide Label/MSDS
Safari® Insecticide Testimonials
Safari® Insecticide Video
Sales Representative Locator
Sales Representative Locator Results
SeizeTM Insect Growth Regulator
SeizeTM Insect Growth Regulator Contact Valent
SeizeTM Insect Growth Regulator Download Literature
SeizeTM Insect Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
SeizeTM Insect Growth Regulator Overview
Select Max® Herbicide Contact Valent
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Select Max® Herbicide with Inside TechnologyTM
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Soybeans Resistance Management
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Stellar® Fungicide
Stellar® Fungicide Video
Stone Fruit
Stone Fruit Resistance Management
Sugar Beets
Sumagic® Plant Growth Regulator
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Sumagic® Plant Growth Regulator Download Literature
Sumagic® Plant Growth Regulator Label/MSDS
SureGuard® Herbicide
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SureGuard® Herbicide Testimonials
SureGuard® Herbicide Video
SureGuard® Label/MSDS


Tame® Insecticide
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Technology and Product Development
TetraSan® Miticide Download Literature
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TetraSan® Miticide
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The Program
Tourney® Fungicide Video
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Tourney® Fungicide Testimonials
Tourney® Fungicide
Tradewind® Herbicide Contact Valent
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Tradewind® Herbicide
Tree Nuts
Tree Nuts resistance management
Tree Nuts Solution Program


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Valor® Herbicide
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Valor® XLT Herbicide Videos
Valor® XLT Soybean Herbicide
Vegetable Resistance Management
Velocity Herbicide Contact Valent
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Velocity Herbicide Testimonials
Velocity Herbicide Video
Velocity® Herbicide
Venom® Insecticide
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Venom® Insecticide Label/MSDS
Venom® Insecticide Overview


XenTari Video
XenTari® Biological Insecticide
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XenTari® Biological Insecticide Label/MSDS
XenTari® Biological Insecticide Overview


Zeal® Miticide
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Zeal® Miticide Label/MSDS
Zeal® Miticide Overview