Agriculture Organic Products

Organic Products. More tools. Improved quality.

Organic growers face a certain challenge—meeting National Organic Program (NOP) standards while growing a high-quality product. Valent offers organic growers a wide range of valuable tools to improve and protect their crops. And, we are committed to producing solutions that meet Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) listing qualifications or other local or state organic certification specifications.

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  • Plant Growth Regulators

Actinovate® AG Biological Fungicide

Broad spectrum biological fungicide for foliar and soil disease management


Azera® Insecticide

Controls insects by quick knockdown, ingestion and insect growth regulatory activity on over 200 growing crops and insect types


DiPel® Biological Insecticide

Environmentally friendly control of Lepidopteran (worm) pests. DiPel DF and 10G are listed for use in organic production.


DiTera® Nematicide

Environmentally friendly nematode control


MycoApply® Mycorrhizae

A unique blend of four species of endomycorrhizal fungi to enhance plant health


ProGibb® Plant Growth Regulator

Promote growth and increase seedling vigor in young cotton plants


ProTone® Plant Growth Regulator

Helps red table grape growers enhance color for a greater packout and more flexible harvest without compromising quality


ProVide® Plant Growth Regulator

For russet control, plus improved quality, finish and appearance of apples


PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 1.4/5.0

Controls a broad-spectrum of insects such as aphids, mites and whiteflies on over 200 crops including strawberries, leafy vegetables, caneberries, table grapes and citrus


Release® Plant Growth Regulator

Seed treatment for improved germination rate and stand establishment


RyzUp SmartGrass® Plant Growth Regulator

Stimulates growth and maximizes yield in field corn, silage, pastures and hay for both organic and conventional production systems


Veretran D® Insecticide

The only crop protection product in the U.S. using Sabadilla alkaloids as the active ingredient to control thrips on avocados, citrus, and mangos


XenTari® Biological Insecticide

Highly selective, effective control of armyworm and diamondback moth