Control weeds, insects and disease in soybean with proven solutions from Valent. Find the many preemergence and postemergence herbicides and fungicides, insecticides and seed protectants that maximize soybean yield below.


Cobra® Herbicide

Fast control of weeds, plus protection from white mold and SDS diseases

Fierce® Herbicide

Residual control of tough weeds and grasses in field corn and soybeans

Fierce® XLT Soybean Herbicide
Gangster® Herbicide

Preemergence herbicide for tough weeds with longest residual

PhoenixTM Herbicide

Postemergence control with no carryover or crop safety concerns

Resource® Herbicide

Adds speed to Roundup® and kills tough weeds that Roundup alone misses

Select Max® Herbicide with Inside TechnologyTM

The fastest and most powerful way to control volunteer corn and grasses

Valor® Herbicide

Preemergence herbicide for exceptional residual control of tough & resistant weeds with rotational flexibility

Valor® XLT Soybean Herbicide

The broadest spectrum control of tough weeds with competitive grass performance

Asana® XL Insecticide
Belay® Insecticide

Long-lasting, fast-acting control of a broad spectrum of pests

seed protection
INOVATE® Seed Protectant

Seed treatment with contact and triple-systemic protection against broadest spectrum of insects and diseases in soybeans

Rizolex® Fungicide

Seed-applied fungicide for unrivaled protection against soil-borne and seed-borne diseases


Spotlight on:

  • Glyphosate partner; adds speed to glyphosate
  • Kills problem weeds that glyphosate alone misses
  • Resistance management
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