For citrus growers, Valent offers a broad line of products to help achieve maximum market value. Valent solutions help citrus growers maintain orchard health and optimize citrus yield and quality.


Chateau® Herbicide

Long-lasting preemergence control of a broad spectrum of tough weeds (non-bearing)

Select Max® Herbicide with Inside TechnologyTM

Postemergence grass control with excellent crop safety (non-bearing

Azera® Insecticide
Azera Insecticide is a premium organic product that controls insects by quick knockdown, ingestion and insect growth regulatory activity. It can be applied on over 200 growing crops and insect types.
Danitol® Insecticide-Miticide

Quick knockdown of broad spectrum of insects, including psyllids to prevent citrus greening

DiPel® Biological Insecticide

Environmentally friendly control of lepidopteran (worm) pests

DiTera® Nematicide

Environmentally friendly nematode control that enhances soil microbes

Esteem® Ant Bait

Effective, long-term control of fire ants and other protein-feeding ants

Esteem® Insect Growth Regulator

Effective on toughest pests, yet soft on beneficials and the environment

EverGreen® Insecticide Crop Protection EC 60-6
Evergreen Crop Protection 60-6 is a pyrethrin-based botanical insecticide synergized with PBO. It’s an ideal pre-harvest clean-up spray since it provides fast knockdown and control with minimal field re-entry time.
Knack® Insect Growth Regulator

Long-lasting whitefly control, easy on beneficials

PyGanic® Crop Protection EC 1.4/5.0
PyGanic Crop Protection EC 1.4/5.0controls a broad-spectrum of insects such as aphids, mites, and whiteflies. It works on over 200 crops including strawberries, leafy vegetables, caneberries, table grapes, and citrus.
Tersus® Insecticide
Tersus Insecticide works on strawberries, caneberries, leafy vegetables, citrus, and tomatoes. It controls a broad-spectrum of insects such as aphids, thrips, lygus, and leafhoppers.
Veratran D® Insecticide
Veratran D Insecticide is the only crop protection product in the U.S. using Sabadilla alkaloids as the active ingredient. It works on avocados, citrus, and mangos to control thrips.
XenTari® Biological Insecticide

Highly selective, effective control of armyworm

Zeal® Miticide
plant growth regulator
ProGibb® Plant Growth Regulator

Improve fruit quality and increase market value

lime, citrus

Spotlight on:

  • Controls California red and yellow scale
  • OP-free keeps fruit beautiful inside and out
  • Unique chemistry affects all life stages of scale
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