Control weeds, insects and disease in almonds with Valent products proven to increase crop quality, yield and profit. Find the portfolio of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides below.


Quash® Fungicide

Controls blossom blight/brown rot, shot hole and scab

Chateau® Herbicide

 Long-lasting preemergence control of a broad spectrum of tough weeds

Select Max® Herbicide with Inside TechnologyTM

Postemergence grass control with excellent crop safety

Asana® XL Insecticide

 Long-lasting, unique formulation for outstanding control on a broad spectrum of pests

Belay® Insecticide

Long-lasting, fast-acting control of a broad spectrum of pests

Danitol® Insecticide-Miticide

Quick knockdown of broad spectrum of insects, including navel orangeworm

DiPel® Biological Insecticide

Environmentally friendly control of lepidopteran (worm) pests

DiTera® Nematicide

Environmentally friendly nematode control that enhances soil microbes

Esteem® Ant Bait

Effective, long-term control of fire ants and other protein-feeding ants

SeizeTM Insect Growth Regulator

Unsurpassed residual control of San Jose scale and other pests, easy on beneficials

Zeal® Miticide

Long-lasting mite control in a single application

plant growth regulator
ReTain® Plant Growth Regulator
plant health
A unique blend of four species of endomycorrhizal fungi to enhance plant health

Spotlight on:

  • Now registered for almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans and other tree nut crops
  • Quick knockdown of a broad spectrum of insects, including navel orangeworm
  • Short 24-hour restricted entry interval
  • Proven not to flare mites
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