Control weeds, insects and disease in almonds with Valent products proven to increase crop quality, yield and profit. Find the portfolio of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides below.


Quash® Fungicide

Controls blossom blight/brown rot, shot hole and scab

Chateau® Herbicide

 Long-lasting preemergence control of a broad spectrum of tough weeds

Select Max® Herbicide with Inside TechnologyTM

Postemergence grass control with excellent crop safety

Asana® XL Insecticide
Belay® Insecticide

Long-lasting, fast-acting control of a broad spectrum of pests

Danitol® Insecticide-Miticide

Quick knockdown of broad spectrum of insects, including navel orangeworm

DiPel® Biological Insecticide

Environmentally friendly control of lepidopteran (worm) pests

DiTera® Nematicide

Environmentally friendly nematode control that enhances soil microbes

Esteem® Ant Bait

Effective, long-term control of fire ants and other protein-feeding ants

Esteem® Insect Growth Regulator

Effective on toughest pests, yet soft on beneficials and the environment

SeizeTM Insect Growth Regulator

Unsurpassed residual control of San Jose scale and other pests, easy on beneficials

Zeal® Miticide

Long-lasting mite control in a single application


Spotlight on:

  • Now registered for almonds, walnuts, pistachios, pecans and other tree nut crops
  • Quick knockdown of a broad spectrum of insects, including navel orangeworm
  • Short 24-hour restricted entry interval
  • Proven not to flare mites
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