Overture® Insecticide

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  • Consistent, effective control of thrips, including western flower thrips
  • New mode of action for resistance management
  • Safe on most beneficials

Overture Insecticide. The final note on thrips.™

There’s a new Overture and it’s killing thrips. The unique mode of action fights resistance and controls thrips at all life stages—including tough western flower thrips—while also controlling lepidopterous insects. Overture Insecticide is a great rotation partner for your greenhouse, and it’s safe on most beneficial insects, too.

Download Label/SDS
Download Label/SDS for Overture Insecticide.

- Key use/pests


Product Used On

  • greenhouse ornamentals


  • western flower thrips
  • thrips
  • azalea caterpillar
  • beet armyworm
  • cabbage looper
  • Chilli thrips
  • fall webworm
  • gypsy moth
  • Nantucket pine tip moth
  • southern armyworm
  • spruce budworm
  • tent caterpillars
  • tobacco budworm
  • tomato hornworm
  • yellowstriped armyworm

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  • Label/SDS

    Download Label/SDS for Overture Insecticide.

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