2015 News Releases

Zeal® SC Miticide Now Registered with Liquid Formulation

Long-Lasting Mite Control in Field Corn, Cotton and Melons

June 24, 2015

WALNUT CREEK, Calif. — Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced today that Zeal® SC Miticide has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) with a new liquid formulation that allows for quick mixing and easy loading. This new label use provides growers with the ability to conveniently apply Zeal with both ground and aerial equipment, saving them time and offering increased flexibility.

Zeal is registered for field corn, including popcorn, corn for seed and corn grown for silage, cotton and melons. Zeal targets all stages of the mite life cycles, from egg to adult, helping to control multiple generations and ultimately protecting the crop. With its translaminar action, it reaches the mites where they hide and offers proven, long-lasting control with a single application. Zeal SC will be sold in a 2.5 gallon package providing more than 100 treated acres per jug.

Zeal removes the yield-loss potential caused by two-spotted spider mites, Banks grass mites, and other species of spider mites. Plus, the unique mode of action in Zeal controls mites that are resistant to older chemistries lacking residual control.

"The new dual application method of Zeal SC provides growers with more options to control all life stages of mites from eggs to maturity," said Carlos Granadino, product development manager for Valent. "Zeal is Integrated Pest Management- and farm-friendly—it's softer on beneficial insects than most currently labeled miticides used on corn, and has a short restricted entry interval."

Zeal is compatible with postemergence herbicides and most adjuvants. For more information on Zeal, visit valent.com/zeal or contact your local Valent sales representative.

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