Piper Herbicide Brings New Mode of Action to Industrial Vegetation Managers

New IVM Herbicide Provides Broad Spectrum Control of Tough Weeds

March 25, 2013

WALNUT CREEK, Calif.—Valent Professional Products announced that Piper Herbicide has been registered by the Environmental Protection Agency. Piper provides industrial vegetation managers with excellent preemergence control of grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds on railroad tracks, roadsides and industrial sites.

Piper brings an important new and unique mode of action and built-in resistance management to the industrial vegetation management (IVM) market. Piper controls a broad spectrum of problem weeds such as crabgrass, Palmer amaranth, kochia, foxtails, Bromus spp. and waterhemp.

Formulated as a water-dispersible granule, Piper stays where it’s sprayed—it does not run off or move down slope—and its superior performance allows industrial vegetation managers to reduce re-sprays, saving valuable time and money.

“Piper provides outstanding preemergence control of grasses and small-seeded broadleaf weeds like crabgrass, Palmer amaranth and kochia that can overwhelm railroads, utilities, oil and gas fields, parking lots and other industrial sites,” said Todd Mayhew, field market development manager, West, for Valent Professional Products. “It will even control herbicide-resistant Palmer amaranth and Italian ryegrass. Industrial vegetation managers can be confident that Piper will provide superior residual control and limit the number of sprays required to keep problem weeds at bay.”

The registration of Piper adds to a growing portfolio of IVM offerings from Valent Professional Products. Payload® Herbicide and Envoy Plus® Herbicide also help vegetation managers effectively and efficiently control weeds along highways, railroads, pipelines and utilities.

Piper is available for purchase exclusively through Alligare LLC.

For more information on Piper, visit www.valentpro.com/piper.

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